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After a catastrophic failure in 2010, it was time for an engine/transmission upgrade in my 1970 Mustang.
I built a 347 stroker and bought a new 4R70W automatic. At the time, I went with the US Shift Quick 1 as the control device and ordered the items early in the spring of 2011. With great service from the team at US Shift, I got the correct items and started the installation.
I have loved this solution with the ability to adjust or check settings directly on the transmission controller. I use, among other things, the temperature display on the built-in screen during demanding conditions where heat can cause problems.
The ability to make big changes with the PC on the layout is fantastic. Should you like a change on your shift timing, and aren't sure what to do, you will get a good overview in the provided software.
In 2014, I upgraded from a carburetor to the Holley Terminator EFI on my engine. I had to change my TPS sensor to the US Shift TPSKIT1 to work with this Setup. It was simple and straightforward with a few minor adjustments to the existing calibration.
I'm now waiting for my new upgrade to the US Shift Quick4 to be shipped to Norway!

Terje Aakvik

Works beautifully. My tech in charge of tuning dialed her in with his laptop and was very impressed with the controller. The compact size was a great fit under the dash since these vehicles have limited space. Our customer is very happy with the transmission's performance and the Bronco runs great. Nice product!!

Brandon Segars
Velocity Restorations
Pensacola, Florida

I purchased a Quick 4 transmission controller to replace the TCI controller in my 1970 Chevelle. I had been running the [competitor's] unit for several years and it worked OK, but was a royal pain to program and did not offer multiple tables like the Quick 4 does. My wife was not fond of riding in my Chevelle because it shifted so hard, which was what I wanted. The Quick 4 allows me to have a shifting profile for the wife, one for me, and an additional two to use for whatever. With the flip of a switch or the turn of a knob, I can switch between the tables and please my wife or myself.

My Chevelle is set up with a ZZ 502 and a 4L80E transmission. With the new controller, the whole car acts differently. Shifts better and MUCH easier to play around with the shift points, etc. than my old TCI unit. Also tech support has been excellent! These guys know what they are doing! Best controller on the market today!

David Hartman
Centennial, Colorado

I wanted to let you know the controller went into that truck and has completely resolved the drivability issues we were having. It really changed the way the truck runs! Thanks for your help with the details. We have another one of these trucks in the pipeline so we may need another one in a few weeks. Again thanks for all the help and the super product!!!!

Mike C.

I spent half of my home leave doing an EFI 5.0 HO and 4R70W swap in my '72 Ranger. It was well worth the time and out of the modern O/D trans and EFI, the trans with your controller is my favorite. Nothing better than the lower 1'st gear and being able to run 80 mph down the interstate at 2100 rpm in a 44 year old truck. I'm more than pleased with the Quick 1, but can't wait to get the Quick 4 when I can. I can't wrap my brain around how other guys manage to sell their TCUs at such high prices when yours gets the same job done for HALF the price of the others I looked at. Not to mention the Ford trans support which other companies seem to care little about. Keep up the outstanding work and thanks for a great, cost-effective product.

Chris West

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